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Photo by TOMOKO UJI on Unsplash

Sometimes we borrow
From tomorrow
To forget our sorrow

Covered up

And forgotten,
Unlike something

Yet, what we miss, and
Let us not be remiss

Is the joy that comes
When we stop borrowing
From the morrow
To cover up our sorrow

Facing it instead

Is the only real way
To live
A life filled with peace and love
Instead of dread

Let the tears come,
I say
As we face things
We once ran from

In the end,

Never really gets you far,
As the sorrow buried deep inside
Of you, is, yes,

A part of you,

And is also looking for
From the cage
Full of bars…


Jeffrey Flesch

Interests include personal and professional development, increasing access to higher education, and finding new ways to create inspiration and equity.

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