Expanding our Patience While Limiting our Reactivity By Understanding and Practicing Our Emotional Intelligence

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The past few weeks, I’ve been thinking more about patience, and just how important being patient is in all aspects of life. For sure, patience was, and is, something that I continue to be present to, as patience was, and still is in some ways, something that is a developmental opportunity for me.

How do you feel about the concept and practice of patience? Do you think it affects how we interpret the world, and how we, for instance, function at home and work?

I think it does affect all aspects of our lives, whether we are aware or not.

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Up and and down,
Have you ever trod slowly
In the snow on a wintery day?

The feel as your shoe hits the flakes,
And disappears inside the icy whiteness,
Of the deserted brightness, looking around,
To see who’s there, only to notice,

That it’s you, by yourself, taking one
Step and then another.
Making your way along a path no one
Else can see, yet you know, you see

The path as clearly as the snow that’s
All around you. It’s awfully astounding,
And beautiful, and when we feel that quake
Inside, to know that you’re never alone.


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Worn like a cloak
On a brocade
Of silence

Memories are translucent, and

Fibers of my being
Are hard, at times,

To piece together.

They fit in a splash
Of overlap, one
Scene runs
Into the

And, I’m often quite

By the pictures I see,
So much so,
I wonder
If they

Even really me.

And, as the shadow
Lifts, light begins
To creep in,

Not all at once, no
Slowly, one measure
At a time.

The light must be
Careful, not to
Scare too

Into the unsuspected.

Those who are not Used…

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When we are born,
We get it, and then
A little at a time
That which was gotten

Becomes the forgotten.

Concepts invade our every
Sense, even though we know
We are blessed, these concepts
Pervade, like dew drops

Covering our eyes in a grand

Reality becomes blurry,
And, at times, with such furry,
We lash out at others,
Because we feel quite smothered.

Lost in concepts,
Of our own creation,
A mentality develops
Of great separation.

And, yes, isolation follows,
Yet there is another way
We may harken today,
Recalling what we got
So long ago,

By remembering…

Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

Comes from within,
And feels like a magical
Enterprise, one, I do surmise,

Has been within me
For a very long time.

Though hidden
For a spell,
I do often tell

Of a time

Not so long ago,
Where my intuition
Reappeared, and with
It a zest

For the love of
This life.

Not another life,
Full of perceived strife.

It is a common misconception,
By our over-thinking,
And even conceiving of
A way out

Of what’s right
In front of us, and has
Been from the


In the end, The thinking is the Antithesis of what’s…

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

This planet with all
It’s mysterious contemplations,
I often look up from the surface,

And wonder out loud about
The motion of the cosmos’

In relation to

The everlasting connection
We share
With all, we see up
In the air, if I dare, I just might

It with the stars hidden
From view, connected all the same
Within you and me.

The connection is quite fair,
And quite frankly beyond compare
Connected from within and without.

All the beauty, no doubt,
Running in the rivers, streams,
And creeks, like the life that flows
Through us, and is


Jeffrey Flesch

Interests include personal and professional development, increasing access to higher education, and finding new ways to create inspiration and equity.

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