Jeffrey Flesch
1 min readDec 9, 2020
Lolame @ Pixabay

One, two, three
I see

Flapping their wings

A unified formation,
Heading towards
Their destination

Bound together
One and all
Or, rather


Alas, their
Connection lasts
Through an affiliation,

An unseen web

Of great prostration
To that which is unseen
Yet can be felt
So definitely

A harmony felt
In flight, yes,
Everywhere else

A connection true
Their collective sense
Of direction


Away in the wind
Wings outstretched in kind

Tips almost touch
In midair
What a fantastical affair

A flight
Without fanfare
Only ever that which is there

The one, two, three,
Balancing themselves
As they fly through the air

Originally published on jeffflesch.com

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Jeffrey Flesch

Interests include personal and professional development, increasing access to higher education, and finding new ways to create inspiration and equity.