Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

Empty space
Full of grace, and


For the multitudes

Of humanity

We each share
In this blessing
Which awaits

A discovery

Upon the recovery
Of our true


Which is
Quite compelling,
And, yes, often telling

A thing forgotten,
Yet not begotten, no

Rather, a reservoir
Full of light, and
Always delight

So, friend

When it’s time
Look inside
And you will find

A space
Already created
Awaiting your return

So take the turn, and
Reclaim the truth
Of your birth


Empty while full
Ever so subtle, and
Also quite grand

A paradox, yes
Quiet and also
, and

Oh so very flowerful

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Interests include personal and professional development, increasing access to higher education, and finding new ways to create inspiration and equity.

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